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More clarity is needed sooner for the Medications Data Class

Currently, the Medications data class presents many interoperability challenges.  Work done within C-CDA shows there remains a great deal of confusion over how to represent medication information that is gathered from a patient's report of the medications they say they take versus actual medication administration reports documented by providers who are administering medications to the patient. Also challenging is the representation of medications that are prescribed by a provider. Prescribed medications may or may not actually be taken by the patient.  The growing number of data elements in the Medications data class is a sign of the complexity of this data class.  A much larger effort is needed to straighten out the definitions and representations of the many nuanced aspects of this data class. The assessment and planning for this data class needs to be done sooner rather than later. It needs to be a top-down exercise, not a bottom-up exercise in order for all the many data element parts to actually make sense together.

Medication Data Class

Please consider adding ContraIndications which automatically calculates the patients current medication to see if there is a health safety issues with their combined medications. I expect this functionaliy to be in all ehrs but needs to be pulled in and with an alert or notifications. This would expedite decision making and ultimately save lives

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