Quality Payment Program Task Force

The Task Force will be charged with reviewing the MACRA proposed rule with a specific focus on how the use of certified health IT by eligible clinicians can support value-based, quality-focused care under the Quality Payment Program. Specifically, the Task Force will examine the following questions across the MIPS performance categories and within APMs:

1.       Does the NPRM adequately encourage and reward the use of CEHRT and other certified health IT across the Quality Payment Program?

2.       Does the scoring model emphasize the value and importance of leveraging health IT to improve patient outcomes?

3.       Do the proposals in the NPRM support new entrants while also providing incentives for continuous improvement (i.e., is there appropriate support for new entrants and appropriate reward for exceptional performance?)?

4.       Is there enough flexibility to allow providers to individualize participation within each path of the Quality Payment Program, and to support provider preparation to transition into APMs?

5.       Keeping in mind that the program is designed to evolve over time, how can future development of health IT further support clinical activities and patient engagement within the Quality Payment Program model?

6.       Are there further policies that could be adopted in the Quality Payment Program to support  adoption of electronic reporting for CQMs and that support  QCDRs that leverage certified health IT?

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Content last reviewed on May 23, 2016
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