Justin Fuller, MSN, RN

Member of:

Program Lead, Clinical Informatics
Bon Secours Health System, Inc.

Justin Fuller is a Registered Nurse currently practicing in Kentucky. He earned his ADN in 1999. He practiced in the state of Montana until 2008. In 2012 he earned his BSN, and he anticipates earning his MSN in August of 2014. Justin is currently the Director of Clinical Informatics for Bon Secours Health System Kentucky. He manages a staff of 16 personnel with various levels of experience and expertise in clinical environments and informatics.

Justin has always been interested in technology as well as healthcare. Informatics is a perfect crossroads for Justin’s professional interest. As a clinician, Justin’s background is focused primarily on cardiology. Justin enjoyed seeing the full spectrum of healthcare from a cardiology standpoint during his time as a bedside caregiver. As a Nurse Informaticist, Justin’s interest has expanded to learn how technology can impact and influence patient safety, patient satisfaction, end-user efficiency, and stewardship of organizational resources.

Justin led the hospital’s implementation of the EMR system and subsequently took on the role of Director. At the completion of the project, the vendor that supplied the additional personnel asked Justin to co-author a white paper on EMR implementation and resource management. That white paper can be found here:


When he isn’t working or attending school, Justin spends his time with his family. He teaches Sunday school and was a deacon at his previous church in Montana. He also spends time enjoying sports and exercising.

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