U.S. Core Data for Interoperability Task Force 2021

Overarching Charge:

Review and make recommendations on the Draft USCDI Version 2 content and process.

Specific Charge:

1.    Evaluate Draft USCDI v2 and provide HITAC with recommendations for:
        1a - Data classes and elements from USCDI v1 including applicable standards version updates

        1b - New data classes and elements from Draft USCDI v2 including applicable standards

        1c - Level 2 data classes and elements not included in Draft USCDI v2

2.    Evaluate the USCDI expansion process and provide HITAC with recommendations for:
        2a - ONDEC submission system improvements

        2b - Evaluation criteria and process used to assign levels to submitted data classes and elements

        2c - Prioritization process used by ONC to select new data classes and elements for Draft USCDI v2

3.    Recommend ONC priorities for USCDI version 3 submission cycle

U.S. Core Data for Interoperability Task Force 2021 Meetings

Member List


Engaging Patient Strategy
Health Gorilla


Oracle Health
Enlightening Results
HCA Healthcare
University of Utah Health
Department of Veterans Health Affairs
Medical University of South Carolina
National Library of Medicine
Baptist Health
Baptist Health
Savage & Savage LLC
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Elevance Health
RTI International

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