Interoperability Standards Workgroup

Overarching Charge:

Review and provide recommendations on the Draft USCDI Version 4.

Specific Charge:

Evaluate Draft USCDI v4 and provide HITAC with recommendations for:       

  1. New data classes and elements from Draft USCDI v4
  2. Level 2 data classes and elements not included in Draft USCDI v4

Interoperability Standards Workgroup

Member List


Gravity Project


Point-of-Care Partners
North Dakota Health Information Network
Oracle Health
Enlightening Results
College of American Pathologists
Texas Department of State Health Services
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
MCG Health, part of the Hearst Health network
Washington State Department of Health
Health Gorilla
Children’s Health
Department of Veterans Health Affairs
National Library of Medicine
Invitae Corporation
Baptist Health
Savage & Savage LLC
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Pharmacy Health Information Technology Collaborative
National Institute of Standards and Technology