Patient Matching, Aggregating and Linking (PMAL)

Established under the ONC Office of Standards and Technology, PMAL is focused on the identification and testing of standards for matching patients to their data across and in between clinical and claims data sets, and the identification of algorithms that can be used to reliably perform patient matching in these contexts.

PMAL is also working on developing security profiles based on OAuth2, OpenIdConnect and UMA for securing web application programming interfaces (APIs). These security profiles are being created so that healthcare APIs can be protected appropriately while providing necessary access to data. 

The identified standards and tool sets will safely match patients to their information, make additional medical resources available to providers and practitioners and grant researchers timely access to clinical data.

PMAL's approach includes a multi-stage challenge intended to stimulate the development and use of open APIs that will enable real-time linking and matching of patients with associated claims and clinical data. 

Content last reviewed on October 15, 2018
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