Leading Edge Acceleration Projects (LEAP) in Health Information Technology (Health IT)

LEAP in Health IT advances the development and use of interoperable health IT by addressing emerging and future challenges. Learn more about the funding opportunity.

The healthcare field must quickly innovate and leverage the latest technological advancements and breakthroughs to optimize real-time solutions, especially in areas that are ripe for acceleration.

LEAP in Health IT projects will address these challenges by encouraging a new generation of health IT development and refining and implementing relevant standards, methods, and techniques. Read more about the LEAP in Health IT program on our blog.


Current LEAP in Health IT Projects

Cumulus: A Universal Research Sidecar for a SMART Learning Healthcare System

This project will develop a platform that leverages bulk data to support an ecosystem for research and learning, including tools that allow users to annotate data for analytics, de-identify data, and query cohorts.

Development and Testing of Data Sharing Functionality for Health System Participating in National Cardiovascular Disease Registries

This project aims to advance the health IT ecosystem through the accelerated adoption of modern standards, including the acquisition of clinical data for registry submissions and the use of data to improve care decisions.

FHIR Factories: An Evolving Digital Architecture to Scale Health Research

This project’s goals are to assess currently available open source, health IT–based tools, identify needs and gaps for researchers, and develop novel solutions to address current challenges.

FHIRedApp: An API-based Patient Engagement Platform for the 21st Century

This project is developing and testing a patient engagement platform to support an ecosystem of mobile applications (apps). The apps will enhance health research and care opportunities for underrepresented populations.

Integrating Standardized Data to Advance Person-Centered Planning, Outcomes, and Value-Based Payment Models

This project seeks to improve the capture and exchange of structured data across health and case management systems and build the foundation for an integrated information system linking these two types of systems.

Mobilizing a Million Hearts: Leveraging Health IT Architecture to Advance Clinical Knowledge and Care Coordination

This project is advances clinical knowledge at the point of care by transforming an isolated risk calculator into open, standards-based application (app). The app works with health IT platforms and providers to improve clinical workflow, care coordination, and patient engagement.

Pop Health on FLAT FHIR: A SMART Approach to Universal Healthcare Reporting

This project is expanding the scope, scale, and utility of population-level application programming interfaces (APIs); enhancing the use of flat data files; and creating a new population health analytics application that will allow payors to access permitted population data and metrics.

Scalable Consent Framework for the Advancement of Interoperability with FHIR-based APIs

This project focuses on software development and research of standards, use case and community testing, production deployment, and consent management. An implementation guide and package of open-source prototypes and content also will be developed and shared to assist partners.

Content last reviewed on November 30, 2020
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