Data Access Framework (DAF)

Established as a Standards Initiative in 2013, DAF is focused on the identification, testing and validation of the standards necessary to access and extract data from within an organization’s health IT systems, from an external organization’s health IT systems, or from health IT systems across multiple organizations.

The goal of this work is to enable multiple applications, including mobile applications, to expand the ability of users to create value out of their data without having to rely on predefined access paths.

To date, the project has defined the DAF standards within two implementation guides: IHE DAF Profile (for document access); and HL7 FHIR DAF Profile (for discrete data element access).

Currently, DAF is working on standards to enable researchers to access data from multiple organizations in the context of a Learning Health System (LHS) and will leverage work that has been completed from local and targeted data access, as appropriate.

To learn more about the DAF Initiative, please visit the wiki site here.

Content last reviewed on January 23, 2019
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