Health Information Technology Workflow Automation Policy Development

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) is leading a project to establish a policy and development agenda around workflow automation through the use of health information technology (health IT). Health care providers often say that the data entry required for health IT makes it difficult to practice medicine efficiently and effectively. Patients are frustrated by the inefficiency of health care delivery and the lack of access to information about cost and quality. Advantages of automating workflow could include standardizing processes, reducing costs, and automating processes that incorporate best practices. ONC will use the outputs from this project to implement effective policy through ONC authorities and public and private sector partners.

The Health IT Workflow Policy Development Project will:

  • Identify opportunities for automation in health care, in both clinical and administrative areas
  • Explore what would need to be instrumented to enable such automation
  • Explore the need for new workflows
  • Introduce perspectives from other industries, such as finance, hospitality, and manufacturing
  • Identify labor-intensive parts of health care

Some of the activities in this project include:

  • Interviewing experts to ascertain possible areas of focus
  • Assessing and synthesizing existing research and evidence regarding workflow automation and health IT
  • Identifying and convening a multi-disciplinary expert workshop
  • Producing a final report, including a preliminary framework or vision for advancing this topic and recommendations for policy and development efforts in this field
Content last reviewed on August 21, 2020
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