Move Health Data Forward Challenge: Empowering Individuals to Authorize the Flow of their Health Data

Steven Posnack and Caroline Coy | May 9, 2016

As health IT adoption continues to grow and mobile health technology becomes more accessible, consumers are playing an even greater role in how and when their health information is exchanged or shared.  Unleashing this data is one of our top priorities here at ONC, as outlined in the Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap, which aims to improve individuals’ ability to send, receive, find, and use their health information in the near term. 

To stimulate this work, sometimes referred to as “consumer-mediated exchange” between and among their clinicians, hospitals, or even family members, today we are launching the Move Health Data Forward. This challenge will help to create application programming interface (API) solutions combined with new implementation specifications that have the potential for individuals to securely and electronically authorize the movement of their health data to destinations they choose. This work builds on ONC’s work with a number of security, privacy and health information technology stakeholders to develop a set of privacy and security specifications that enable an individual to control the authorization of access to health data (the HEART Workgroup).

The Move Health Data Forward challenge will have three phases, with a cumulative prize amount of $250,000 and a maximum prize value per participant of $75,000.

  • Phase 1 will award up to ten finalists $5,000 each based on submitted proposals.
  • Phase 1 winners will be eligible to proceed to Phase 2, where up to five finalists from the original 10 will be awarded $20,000 each based on prototypes.
  • The final five Phase 2 winners will be eligible to proceed to Phase 3, which will award $50,000 to up to two winners based on their ability to implement their solution.
  • Participants may apply independently or as a team and will need to recruit and engage individuals as part of testing their solutions.

There will be a webinar about the Challenge on June 7 from 3-4pm EST.  For more information please visit the Move Health Data Forward Page on Healthit.gov.