Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement Task Force

Overarching charge: 

The Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) Task Force will develop and advance recommendations on the TEFCA Draft 2 to inform development of the final Common Agreement.

Detailed charge: 

Make specific recommendations on the Minimum Required Terms and Conditions and the Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) Technical Framework (QTF) —

  • Definition, Structure, and Application Process for QHINs: Recommendations for further clarifying the eligibility requirements and application process for becoming a QHIN.
  • Exchange Purposes and Modalities: Recommendations on enhancing or clarifying the seven (7) exchange purposes and three (3) exchange modalities proposed in the MRTCs, as well as provisions regarding EHI reciprocity and permitted and future uses of EHI.
  • Privacy: Recommendations on privacy requirements for participating entities, including Meaningful Choice, Written Privacy Summary, Summary of Disclosures, and Breach Notifications
  • Security: Recommendations on security requirements for participating entities, including minimum security requirements, identity proofing, authorization, and authentication.

Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement Task Force Meetings

Member List


  • John Kansky
    Indiana Health Information Exchange^
  • Arien Malec
    Change Healthcare*
  • Members

  • Noam Arzt
    HLN Consulting, LLC
  • Cynthia A. Fisher*
  • Anil K. Jain
    IBM Watson Health
  • David McCallie, Jr.
  • Aaron Miri*
    The University of Texas at Austin, Dell Medical School and UT Health Austin
  • Carolyn Petersen^
  • Steve L. Ready
    Norton Healthcare
  • Mark Savage
    University of California, San Francisco’s Center for Digital Health Innovation
  • Sasha TerMaat^
  • Grace Terrell
    Envision Genomics
  • Andrew Truscott^
  • Sheryl Turney^
    Anthem, Inc.
  • Denise Webb^
    Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center
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