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Interoperability Pledge


Companies that provide 90 percent of electronic health records used by hospitals nationwide have pledged

What You Can Do

Companies that provide 90 percent of electronic health records used by hospitals nationwide as well as the top five largest health care systems in the country have agreed to implement three core commitments:

Consumer Access: To help consumers easily and securely access their electronic health information, direct it to any desired location, learn how their information can be shared and used, and be assured that this information will be effectively and safely used to benefit their health and that of their community.

No Blocking/Ensuring Transparency: To help providers share individuals’ health information for care with other providers and their patients whenever permitted by law, and not block electronic health information (defined as knowingly and unreasonably interfering with information sharing).

Standards: Implement federally recognized, national interoperability standards, policies, guidance, and practices for electronic health information, and adopt best practices including those related to privacy and security.

The organizations that have made commitments represent hospitals, integrated health care organizations, medical groups and physician offices, academic facilities, long-term and behavioral health care settings, professional and advocacy organizations and patients throughout the country, and include:

  • Vendors who provide 90 percent of hospital electronic health records used nationwide;
  • The top five largest health systems in the nation and, in total, health care systems providing patient care in 46 states;
  • More than a dozen leading health care provider, hospital, technology, and consumer advocacy groups.

Who’s Made the Pledge

Health Information Exchange Organizations
Health IT Developers
Healthcare Systems
Provider, Technology, and Consumer Organizations

Pledge Now

Submit your organization’s pledge to commit to three interoperability principles outlined above.

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