Pharmacy Interoperability and Emerging Therapeutics Task Force 2023

Overarching Charge:

Identify recommendations to support interoperability between pharmacy constituents, and the exchange of information necessary for medication management, patient safety and consumer engagement.

Recommendations Due: November 9, 2023

Specific Charge:

  1. Public Health, Emergency Use Authorizations, and Prescribing Authorities


  1. Identify critical standards and data needs for pharmacists and interested parties to participate in emergency use interventions.
  2. Are there actions ONC can take to enable data exchange in support of public health emergency use cases? For example, Test to Treat and COVID-19 treatment prescribing?


  1. Recommendations to better integrate pharmacy systems and data for public health surveillance, reporting and public health interventions.                                                          
  2. Identify opportunities and recommendations to improve interoperability between pharmacy constituents (prescribers, pharmacists, pharmacy benefit managers, dispensers, payers, intermediaries, PDMPs, public health agencies, HIEs, third party service providers, consumers, etc.) for pharmacy-based clinical services and care coordination.
    1. How can ONC help facilitate adoption and use of standards to support data exchange for pharmacy-based clinical services?
    2. Which priority pharmacy-based clinical use cases should ONC focus on in the short-term and long-term?
    3. What technology gaps exist for pharmacists to participate in value-based care?
    4. What can ONC do to address drug inventory transparency for prescribers and consumers?
  3. Identify standards needs to support prescribing and management of emerging therapies including, but not limited to specialty medications, digital therapeutics, and gene therapies.
    1. What standards gaps exist for the prescribing and management of:
      1. specialty medications
      2. digital therapeutics
      3. gene therapies
  4. Identify policy and technology needs and considerations for direct-to-consumer medication services.


Pharmacy Interoperability and Emerging Therapeutics Task Force 2023

Member List


Oracle Health
Pharmacy Health Information Technology Collaborative


Point-of-Care Partners
Prescryptive Health, Inc.
North Dakota Health Information Network
Curatro, LLC
Texas Department of State Health Services
MCG Health, part of the Hearst Health network
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Rocket Health Care
Health Gorilla
Department of Veterans Health Affairs
Micro Merchant Systems
Noble Health Services
Harvard Medical School & Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute
Bear Health Tech Consulting
Yardi Systems, Inc.
Community Pharmacy Owner
Elevance Health

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