ONC Symposium on Patient Matching for PDMPs

On September 6, 2019 The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) hosted a one-day symposium on Patient Matching for Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs). This one-day symposium brought together PDMP administrators, standards development groups, health IT developers, representatives from pharmacies, and a number of other stakeholders to discuss patient matching challenges and opportunities to support the interoperability of prescription data.

Presentation Slides: 

Why Patient Matching for PDMPs? [PDF - 565KB]

2019 TTAC PDMP Survey: Patient Matching [PDF - 1.1MB]

Quality & Safety Prescription Data [PDF - 307KB]

ONC Symposium on Patient Matching and the Interoperability of Prescription Data for PDMPs Perspectives from Pharmacy [PDF - 196KB]

PDMP Patient Matching Challenges and Opportunities – Utah’s Perspective [PDF - 392KB]

PDMP Challenges and Opportunities – Nebraska’s Perspective [PDF - 955KB]

PDMP Patient Matching (and Integration) Challenges & Opportunities [PDF - 573KB]

Comparison of Record Linkage Software for De-duplicating Patient Identities in California’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program [PDF - 391KB]

ONC PDMP Patient Matching Symposium [PDF - 1.4MB]

Patient Matching [PDF - 2.6MB]

PDMP Patient Matching Challenges and Opportunities [PDF - 1.17MB]

How to Improve PDMP Patient Matching: 4 Proven Methodologies [PDF - 135KB]

Universal Patient Identifier Powered by Experian Health UIM and NCPDP Standards [PDF - 897KB]

PDMP Symposium: Building on the Progress of Public/Private Collaboration [PDF - 2.3MB]