Certified Health IT Complaint Process

Step 1 Contact Developer
Work with developer to resolve issue.
If issue remains unresolved and is related to a certified capability contact ONC-ACB at Step 2.
Step 2 Contact ONC-ACB ONC-Authorized Certification Body
The ONC-ACB will check to see if the reported issue is applicable to one or more certified capabilities.
The ONC-ACB will work with the complainant and developer to get more information. It may also perform surveillance to determine if non-conformities exist.
If non-conformities are found, the ONC-ACB will report findings on the CHPL and will require the developer to implement a corrective action plan.
Step 3 Contact ONC
ONC will check to see if product in question is certified. If it is, we will refer the matter to the appropriate ONC-ACB at Step 2.
If developer is unresponsive, contact ONC-ACB
If ONC-ACB is unresponsive, contact ONC
Content last reviewed on February 5, 2019
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