ONC – Authorized Testing Laboratories (ONC-ATLs)

ONC has collaborated with the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) to develop and maintain the Healthcare Information Technology Testing Laboratory Accreditation Program administered by NVLAP. The NVLAP, as administered by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), is responsible for accrediting and overseeing testing laboratories in the ONC Health IT Certification Program.

Effective December 19, 2016, the ONC Health IT Certification Program: Enhanced Oversight and Accountability Final Rule requires an applicant seeking to participate in the ONC Health IT Certification Program as an ONC-ATL to complete and submit an application for approval to the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.  Once authorized, they are called ONC-ATLs. Pursuant to § 170.511, applicants may seek for the scope of its authorization to support all certification criteria, a subset of all of the certification criteria (e.g., to support only privacy and security testing), one certification criterion, or a portion of one certification criterion. Applications will be reviewed and accepted on an on-going basis.

The following ONC-ATLs have been accredited by NVLAP and authorized by ONC to test Health IT Modules under the ONC Health IT Certification Program:

The ONC-ATL Application and Principles of Proper Conduct outline the requirements for participation as an ONC-ATL.