Privacy & Security Tiger Team

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) has organized a workgroup (subcommittee) under the auspices of the Health IT Policy Committee to move forward on a range of privacy and security issues. A Privacy & Security Tiger Team (composed of members from the Health IT Policy Committee and the Health IT Standards Committee as well as National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics) worked over the last few months to address the requirements of HITECH and the needs of many new organizations created under that law.

Check out how the Privacy and Security Tiger Team has influenced ONC’s privacy and security activities.

Member List

  • Micky Tripathi, Co-Chair, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative
  • Dixie B. Baker, Member, Martin, Blanck, and Associates
  • Leslie Francis, Member, University of Utah College of Law
  • Larry Garber, Member, Reliant Medical Group
  • Gayle B. Harrell, Member, Florida State House of Representatives
  • John Houston, Member, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, NCVHS
  • David Kotz, Member, Dartmouth College
  • David McCallie, Jr., Member, Individual
  • Wes Rishel, Member, Gartner, Inc.
  • Stephania Griffin, Ex Officio, Veterans Health Administration
  • Linda Sanches, Ex Officio, Office for Civil Rights-Health and Human Services
  • Andrea Wilson, Ex Officio, Veterans Health Administration
  • Kitt Winter, Ex Officio, Social Security Administration
  • Kathryn Marchesini, Staff Lead, Office of the National Coordinator-Health and Human Services
Content last reviewed on June 17, 2015
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