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Transformation Support

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Explore health IT training resources

If you’re considering a health IT transformation for your practice, you’ll need technical help. You’ll find it at the Practice Transformation Support for Clinicians website. This invaluable tool provides a state-by-state listing of federally funded technical assistance to support clinicians in various transformation activities — including resources for the following programs:

  • Advance Interoperable Health Information Technology Services to Support Health Information Exchange
  • Community-based Care Transitions Program
  • EvidenceNOW
  • Health IT Regional Extension Centers Program
  • Hospital Engagement Network
  • Quality Improvement Organization/Quality Improvement Network
  • Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative

The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) has developed free training materials for all health care workers through its Workforce Development Program.

ONC grantees updated — and created new — health IT training materials to incorporate modern care-delivery processes and emerging health IT trends. Updated material focuses on 5 areas:

  • Population health
  • Care coordination
  • Value-based payment and new care delivery models
  • Health care data analytics
  • Patient-centered care

Through the program, approximately 6,000 health care workers have been trained to use new health information technologies in a variety of settings including:

  • Team-based care environment
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Patient-centered medical homes
  • Accountable care organizations
  • Hospitals and clinics

Additional information on health IT training is open for registration.
Select one of the links below to register today!

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston:
Care coordination and interoperability of health IT systems, health care data analytics, patient-centered care, population-health management, and value-based care purchasing

Normandale College:
Health care data analytics and value-based care

Oregon Health & Science University:
Health care data analytics, including population health, interoperability, and data analytics in clinical settings

Johns Hopkins:
Population health courses

Columbia University:
Population health, care coordination, interoperability, value-based care, health care data analytics, and patient-centered care (Hi-FIVE program)

University of Alabama at Birmingham:
Population health, value-based care, data analytics, and care coordination

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Section 12 Recap

Find technical assistance for transforming your practice.

  • Explore Health IT training resources

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Content last updated on: February 28, 2018