Health Information Exchange Challenge Grant Program

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has awarded $16 million in new Challenge Grants to encourage breakthrough innovations for health information exchange that can be leveraged widely to support nationwide health information exchange and interoperability.

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) Challenge Grant Program is providing 10 awards between $1 and $2 million to State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program grantees to develop innovative and scalable solutions in five key areas:

  1. Achieving health goals through health information exchange
  2. Improving long-term and post-acute care transitions
  3. Consumer-mediated information exchange
  4. Enabling enhanced query for patient care
  5. Fostering distributed population-level analytics

The ONC-funded State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program promotes secure exchange of health information to enable patient-centered care and providers' achievement of meaningful use requirements.

State/SDE Recipient State HIE Cooperative Agreement Award 2011 HIE Challenge Grant Supplement Amount Challenge
Colorado Regional Health Information Organization $9,175,777.00 $1,718,783.00 2
Georgia Department of Community Health $13,003,003.00 $1,686,989.00 3
Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc. $10,300,000.00 $1,718,439.00 4
Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc.* $10,300,000.00 $1,267,970.00 3
Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation $10,599,719.00 $1,717,610.00 2
Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation* $10,599,719.00 $1,675,019.00 5
Maryland Department of Health & Mental Hygiene $9,313,924.00 $1,683,171.00 2
HealthShare Montana $5,767,926.00 $1,400,802.00 5
North Carolina Department of State Treasurer $12,950,860.00 $1,708,693.00 1
Oklahoma Health Care Authority $8,883,741.00 $1,719,086.00 2
TOTAL $79,994,950.00 $16,296,562.00  

*Indiana Health Information Technology, Inc. and Massachusetts Technology Park Corporation were each awarded two Challenge Grant awards.

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Content last reviewed on October 2, 2017
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