Health Information Security & Privacy Collaboration (HISPC)

The HISPC’s third, and final, phase comprised seven multi-state collaborative privacy and security projects focused on analyzing consent data elements in state law; studying intrastate and interstate consent policies; developing tools to help harmonize state privacy laws; developing tools and strategies to educate and engage consumers; developing a toolkit to educate providers; recommending basic security policy requirements; and developing inter-organizational agreements.

Each project was charged with developing common, replicable multi-state solutions that could reduce variation in and harmonize privacy and security practices, policies, and laws.

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HISPC Reports on State Law, Business Practices, and Policy Variations

Conducted during 2009 as part of the HISPC, the following compendium of five reports detail variations in state law, business practices and policy related to privacy and security and the electronic exchange of health information. For quick reference, several reports contain aggregate findings tables in their appendices. Summaries of each report are below.

**For citation purposes, please use the date the reports were published and released to the public: January 13th, 2010.**