Kevin Fowler


Kidney Health Initiative

I am a health care executive with over 25 years of Life Sciences experience in both commercial and R&D organizations. My career has encompassed a breadth and depth of skills and experiences. Specifically, as a Pfizer Senior District Manager, I hired, trained, and developed two different start up districts into award winning sales teams. After 14 years of motivating and leading sales teams,  I was recruited to assist in the integration of the Pfizer R&D site into Pfizer Global R&D. In this role as Pfizer Senior Director of Public Affairs, R&D I provided leadership in shaping the engagement strategy internally and externally

Based upon my personal experiences as a kidney transplant recipient, I made a career transition into Patient Advocacy and Engagement. As a Senior Product Manager at Astellas Pharma, I transformed a patient education program into a Customer Relationship Marketing program and a key driver of patient brand loyalty. In a market with loss of patent exclusivity, helped to maintain Prograf market share In fact, 20% of all Prograf prescriptions were requested by patients. The CRM program improved patient self-reported outcomes in adherence, wellness, and access to treatment.

I was a Senior Product Manager, Patient Lead, at AbbVie as a member of the Global Hepatitis C Virus team. In that role, I created two Patient Journeys. I created one journey for HCV patients who are naïve to treatment, and one for patients who failed previous treatment.

From  August 2014-July 2015, I served as an Advisor to Immucor, Inc. I provided consulting services to help Immucor launch a diagnostic test that will predict acute rejection episodes in kidney transplant recipients. Specifically, I  developed their Scientific Advisory Board, conducting market research interviews, and developing their launch dossier.  Since May 2015, I have been consulting for TapCloud LLC.  I have been developing their patient engagement/remote monitoring solution for the renal disease market.

I was recently appointed to be a inaugural member of the Patient Family Partnership Council as a part of the Kidney Health Initiative.  In this two year term, I will serve in an advisory capacity representing the interests of patients with kidney disease. The mission of the Kidney Health Initiative is to advance scientific understanding of the kidney health and patient safety implications of new and existing medical products and to foster development of therapies for diseases that affect the kidney by creating a collaborative environment in which FDA and the greater nephrology community can interact to optimize evaluation of drugs, devices, biologics, and food products.