Add Your Project to the IPG

Instructions: Please use the sections below to share some basic information about your project and add it to the IPG. Click here to see a complete, best practice example and look over the following tips.
  • Consider including project information that will help others learn more about your work such as a project title, a brief description, and a hyperlink to your specific project's website (if one is available). If you need help, click the "?" to the right of a section box and a best practice example will slide out.
  • The "Additional Project Information" box will allow you to tag your project with its start and projected end date, any technical standards your project is piloting (clickable popular tags are displayed to the right) and the zip code associated with the lead project personnel/organization. This information will help others find your project quickly and populate the interactive map.
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Start typing to select a tag name
e.g. FHIR, DAF (tags not found when searching for available tags above, separate by comma)
If you cannot provide the project postal code at this time, please enter "UNKNOWN". Please note that postal codes that are exclusively for post-office boxes (i.e., "P.O. Box-only") are not supported.