"National Nurses Week" Posts

Portrait of Donna Mazyck

Health IT helps school nurses coordinate care for children

Donna Mazyck | May 8, 2014

Imagine this: A third grade boy diagnosed with Sickle-cell disease wakes up during the night experiencing severe pain in his chest.  His father alerts the pediatrician that he and his son are on their way to the emergency department (ED) of a hospital near their home. The pediatrician phones the ED to say her patient will arrive soon. The boy receives treatment in the ED and is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of acute chest syndrome.

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Portrait of Judy Murphy

Celebrating National Nurses Week 2014

Judy Murphy | May 5, 2014

As a nurse, I am excited to kick off National Nurses Week at the ONC with this post.  Nurses have always played a special role in health care, and no year has highlighted that more than this one.  Today, nurses are found in inimitable roles throughout the health care continuum, often serving as the coordinator of care.  This is true in health IT as well – nurses are often found coordinating IT projects and playing pivotal roles in its adoption and use.

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Portrait of Mary Erickson

Nurses Shine During National Nurses Week and Beyond

Mary Erickson | May 10, 2013

This is the final blog post in a National Nurses Week series. This post focuses on the changes in healthcare and the significant role that nurses play in patient care – from getting supplies ready for procedures to EHR implementation. We encourage you to read the entire blog series.
During National Nurses Week, ONC has been celebrating the contributions of the nursing profession on healthcare. Everyone is aware that a nurse’s impact on healthcare and patient safety is massive,

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