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Hospitals Collect and Receive Social Needs Data, but Usage Varies

Wei Chang | July 31, 2023

If left unaddressed, the social needs experienced by an individual may lead to poor health outcomes and more time spent in hospitals and interacting with the health care system. Hospitals, therefore, are uniquely situated to help address social needs and mitigate social risk factors by screening for social needs, assisting with transitions of care, and making connections to social service organizations. According to a recent ONC analysis of data from the 2022 American Hospital Association (AHA) Information Technology Supplement Survey,

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Hear from ONC’s Sherilyn Pruitt on Building a Future Public Health IT Workforce

Sherilyn Pruitt | July 26, 2023

Sherilyn Pruitt is a senior advisor within ONC’s office of technology and is also the co-lead for the Public Health Informatics & Technology (PHIT) Workforce Development Program. 

1. Tell us about some of the projects or initiatives that you lead. 

The program that I am most excited about is the Public Health Informatics & Technology (PHIT) Workforce Development Program that I co-lead with Maggie Wanis from ONC’s office of policy. The goal of the program is to train more than 4,000 individuals to strengthen U.S.

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Interoperability is a Team Sport

Alex Mugge | July 18, 2023

An interoperable U.S. healthcare system depends on collaboration across diverse groups inside and outside of government, working in a complex environment toward a common goal. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) play different but complementary roles to advance health data interoperability. ONC and CMS each lead regulatory and programmatic efforts to evolve the interoperability landscape, collaborating closely with each other and industry groups – payers,

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Six Standards Advance as Part of SVAP 2023

Robert Anthony | July 12, 2023

ONC has now published the Approved Standards for 2023 (2023 SVAP standards) as part of ONC’s annual Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP). The SVAP is designed to make the ONC Health IT Certification Program (the Program) responsive to industry needs and better aligned with standards version advancement. The SVAP helps expedite the use of newer versions of standards under the Program and improves the ability of health IT developers to provide relevant, timely, and innovative solutions to their clients.

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Portrait of Carmel (KiKi) Halloun

The Art and Science of Federal Grants Management

Carmel (KiKi) Halloun | June 22, 2023

As the branch chief of grants, Carmel (Kiki) Halloun, works in the office of the chief operating officer (OCOO), in the procurement and grants division (PGD).  This division is responsible for promoting excellence and cooperation among ONC program offices, federal partners, contracting partners, and grant recipients, and to use data analytics to inform effective and efficient agency-wide financial decision making.

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