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Damon Davis; Wil Yu and Kelly Cronin | June 1, 2012

The Health Data Initiative Forum (HDI) Exit Disclaimer is a flagship initiative of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) Open Government Plan that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, consumers, health care professionals,  data gurus, and public and private sector organizations to unleash the power of health data and innovation in ways that improve health and health care.

Third Annual Health Data Initiative Forum’s “Health Datapalooza”

On June 5 and 6, at the third annual Health Data Initiative Forum’s  “Health Datapalooza,” HHS and its HDI partners will release hundreds of sets of health-related data (e.g., community health data, hospital quality data, and medical/scientific data) in easily accessible and downloadable formats. Past efforts to make health data sets available and easily accessible have brought together a diverse set of stakeholders and spurred a number of innovative health care solutions, applications, and entrepreneurial business developments. This year’s Health Datapalooza promises to be no exception!

New Consumer Track

For the first time, HDI has dedicated a track of the Health Datapalooza to the discussion of consumer apps and opportunities to harness health data in ways specifically tailored to meeting consumer health needs. During the consumer-focused track, ONC’s Consumer e-Health Program will highlight successful ways in which developers have made data useful to patients in managing their health, health care, payments and costs, and making important decisions. Speakers representing providers and payers will address how their respective organizations are working to allow individuals secure, easy electronic access to their personal health information, while creating an environment in which an individual can use tools to make information more meaningful and actionable. Speakers representing consumer organizations and other stakeholder groups will provide details on their methods for engaging the public and encouraging them to take full advantage of access to health data. The session will also showcase several innovative consumer companies and feature announcements about new challenge opportunities and initiatives that seek to advance patient and family engagement. Health Datapalooza highlights the power of newly available health data to spark an array of health care innovations and consumer-focused products, services, apps and tools.

Accountable Care Organization Track

Health Datapalooza has also dedicated a track of the Health Data Initiative Forum to the use of data in Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Physician and author Atul Gawande, along with representatives of Pioneer ACOs will discuss the challenges and opportunities in using data to deliver better care and improve health while lowering costs. Several innovative software applications will be showcased and discussed by individual ACO representatives. It’s a great opportunity to hear about how data and new tools are driving improvements in ACOs.

Innovation: Showcasing New Apps and Announcing New Challenges

One of the unique aspects of Health Datapalooza is the “American Idol”-style process whereby panels of consumers, health care professionals, and community leaders judge submissions for the best new apps and services that improve health, reduce costs, and improve care created using newly available health and health care-related data. In past years, several hundred applications were received; unfortunately, only a few could be featured on the main stage. Attendees at this year’s forum will have the opportunity to visit the latest, cutting-edge apps and services which will be showcased at the Health Datapalooza’s Data & Apps Expo. These apps are helpful to consumers, businesses, communities, and government alike.

It’s a phenomenal time to be an innovator at the intersection of data and health care transformation. We’re incredibly excited by the rising tide of innovations resulting in new or better products and services and enhanced by entrepreneurs and innovators nationwide, fueled by open health data. To carry forward this spark of innovation, a number of organizations, including the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, will be launching new challenge efforts at this year’s Health Datapalooza on a variety of topics ranging from disease management tools for patients to provider communication solutions. We’re looking forward to being on-hand for these exciting announcements, and we want to hear from you about innovative ways that you are using health data to improve your health or health care!

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