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Our Aging Population and Health Care: Perspectives on Health IT

Damon Davis | October 31, 2012

ONC recently had the opportunity to take part in one of the largest conferences for consumer organizations—AARP’s annual “Life @ 50+,” which hosted more than 20,000 twenty-thousand AARP members in New Orleans, LA.  As you may know, AARP represents one of the fastest growing demographics in America— our 50+ population. AARP helps people 50+ have independence, choice, and control of their lives in ways that are beneficial to themselves and society as a whole.
The convention center was packed with older adults from every corner of the country who traversed the halls to learn about myriad topics: travel and leisure;

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ONC at OSCON 2012: What Could the Future Bring?

Damon Davis | August 22, 2012

The open source software (OSS) community is full of creative software coders developing amazing computer applications collaboratively. Recently I witnessed the power of their collaborative innovation first hand at the Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, OR. This was the conference’s 12th year…but my first experience.

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Blue Button Mashup Challenge

Damon Davis | August 20, 2012

Just by using Blue Button, more than 1 million individuals, including seniors, veterans and other service members and their families, and Medicare recipients can download their health and medical records and actively take part in their health care.

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Diabetes Specialist Uses Health IT Tools To Help Patients Improve Their Care – Part II

Damon Davis | April 30, 2012

Patients and physicians nationwide are leveraging health information technology to make their health care interaction more efficient and effective without necessarily having to be face-to-face. The use of existing and emerging technologies—such as cell phones, personal health records, mobile apps, and monitoring devices–are creating ways for patients and providers to monitor health conditions remotely.
Endocrinologist, Dr. Gail Nunlee-Bland shared her story with ONC about several telehealth studies she has done with elderly patients to help improve their diabetes self-management.

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