The health IT landscape has changed considerably since the HITECH Act. That’s why we are introducing the “ONC Tech Lab.” The ONC Tech Lab represents the way in which we will organize and approach the type of work we do. Specifically, the ONC Tech Lab will be organized around and focus on the following four areas:

  1. Standards Coordination: In this area, we’ll be focusing on interactions with SDOs and industry stakeholders to identify standards gaps and where more clarity or reduced optionality is needed. Additionally, we’ll be looking to connect new program, policy, and business requirements to technical standards and infrastructure needs.
  2. Testing and Utilities: This area will include collaborative work on testing tools, including those in support of the ONC Health IT Certification Program and the Standards Implementation & Testing Environment, utilities for health IT developers and providers to test their health IT functionality in the field, and coordination with industry sector stakeholders on the development of additional testing resources and testing events.
  3. Pilots: For this focus area, we will support implementation pilots for standards (especially those identified in the Interoperability Standards Advisory) and look to stimulate cooperation and creativity among the active pilot community that exists nationwide in a way that brings greater visibility to all of the inspiring interoperability projects taking place.
  4. Innovation: In this area, we’ll continue our work with start-up communities, on administering challenge contests, and on forward looking standards and technology activities that can bring a glimpse of the future to the present.