Health IT Certification

Portrait of Elise Sweeney Anthony

Transparency Requirements for Health IT Developers Will Help Providers Know More About Their Products

Elise Sweeney Anthony | June 1, 2016

Health information technology (health IT) developers must now comply with enhanced transparency requirements associated with their products. This regulatory requirement is applicable to all health IT certified to the 2014 Edition, as well as newly issued 2015 Edition of standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria. These new disclosures are designed to help purchasers and users better understand the capabilities and limitations of their health IT products.  

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Portrait of Karson Mahler

Upgrading the Certified Health IT Product List: Understanding Corrective Action Information

Karson Mahler | May 24, 2016

Earlier this year, we completed an extensive upgrade to the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) to support 2015 Edition certification as well as several other ongoing initiatives. Now, CHPL visitors can see surveillance results for health IT products and developers that have been found at any time not to comply with any requirements of the ONC Health IT Certification Program. This additional transparency—which is required for 2014 Edition and 2015 Edition products—will help potential health IT purchasers assess how products perform in real-world settings and will alert existing customers and users to potential issues,

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