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Unveiling Inferno Testing Support for Payer Data Exchange API Standards

Robert Anthony | February 22, 2024

ONC has hit a new milestone in advancing interoperability across the care continuum. A new series of voluntary tests to support standards-based application programming interfaces (APIs) leveraging Health Level Seven® (HL7®) implementation specifications developed via the Da Vinci project and the CARIN Alliance are now available in the ONC-developed Inferno testing tool. The tests are open source, with the source code freely available for use by the public on GitHub.

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Getting Ready for EHI Export: A Quick Guide

Robert Anthony | August 29, 2023

To export or not to export? That is the question.
All certified Health IT Modules that are part of a health IT product that stores electronic health information (EHI) are required to certify to the Electronic Health Information export criterion (45 CFR 170.315 (b)(10)) and make the functionality available to end users by December 31, 2023. As this deadline approaches, we thought it would be helpful to revisit the requirements of § 170.315(b)(10) and which product types are required to certify to this criterion.

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Six Standards Advance as Part of SVAP 2023

Robert Anthony | July 12, 2023

ONC has now published the Approved Standards for 2023 (2023 SVAP standards) as part of ONC’s annual Standards Version Advancement Process (SVAP). The SVAP is designed to make the ONC Health IT Certification Program (the Program) responsive to industry needs and better aligned with standards version advancement. The SVAP helps expedite the use of newer versions of standards under the Program and improves the ability of health IT developers to provide relevant, timely, and innovative solutions to their clients.

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Achieving a Major Milestone: Health IT Developers Certify to Cures Update

Robert Anthony | February 10, 2023

ONC is delighted to report that on December 31, 2022, the health IT community passed a major milestone on the road to improving health IT interoperability. More than 95 percent of Certified Health IT developers met the compliance deadline to update and provide their customers with new technology including requirements to enable access to information through application programming interfaces (APIs) “without special effort.”

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On the Road to Cures Update: Certified API Technology

Robert Anthony | August 19, 2022

The moments we’ve all been waiting for since 2016 are fast approaching: the 21st Century Cures Act infrastructure is coming into place in 2022! The Cures Act laid out a vision for a rich health IT ecosystem of standards-based APIs and nationwide health information networks to securely open up electronically accessible information to patients themselves and to health care professionals supporting their care. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, progress on nationwide network integration via TEFCA continues apace,

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