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Oct 03
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According to new findings, the percent of clinicians who electronically prescribe controlled substances (EPCS) has increased. Despite this increase, overall EPCS rates remain low. The use of EPCS technology can help healthcare providers directly integrate opioid prescription information into electronic health records (EHRs), which can enhance patient safety and help deter diversion and fraud. ECPS technology can also streamline clinician workflow and reduce patient burden.

Oct 01
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As new public health crises emerge, health information technology (health IT) needs to evolve to enhance health care professionals’ ability to make informed clinical decisions, conduct reporting, and exchange health information.

Sep 26
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National Health IT Week is the perfect time to reflect on our collective success since last year. The health information technology (health IT) landscape has dramatically evolved since the first National Health IT Week in 2006. Most provider offices and hospitals use electronic health records, their patients can now view their medical information online, and we see a new wave coming in the next few years powered by the app economy. This change will give consumers better and more convenient ways to manage their own health and shop for care.

Sep 10
News Releases

ONC announced two awards under the Leading Edge Acceleration Projects in Health Information Technology (LEAP in Health IT) funding opportunity.

Sep 05
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This past decade, we have witnessed steady improvements to healthcare interoperability. For those paying close attention, the CONNECT open source project has played a role in making those improvements possible. Now the time has come for the community at large to determine the future of CONNECT.