Five steps organizations can take to manage mobile devices used by health care providers and professionals


These five steps are intended to help organizations manage mobile devices in a health care setting.



Decide whether mobile devices will be used to access, receive, transmit, or store patients’ health information or used as part of your organization’s internal networks or systems (e.g., your EHR system).



Consider how mobile devices affect the risks (threats and vulnerabilities) to the health information your organization holds.



Identify your organization’s mobile device risk management strategy, including privacy and security safeguards.


Develop, Document, and Implement

Develop, document, and implement the organization’s mobile device policies and procedures to safeguard health information.



Conduct mobile device privacy and security awareness and training for providers and professionals.

"Managing Mobile Devices in Your Health Care Organization" Fact Sheet

Health care organizations can use the five steps outlined in this fact sheet to help them develop and implement mobile device policies and procedures to safeguard patient health information.

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