Patient Access Research & Data

Providers, developers, and policymakers can learn from the growing volume of research about consumers’ experience with their health information. Find out about how patients access and use electronic health information, barriers that keep them from taking advantage of that information, and what practices they find most valuable. Examine how some providers are creating a better experience for patients and their caregivers.

Individuals’ Access and Use of their Online Medical Records Nationwide

To increase engagement with health information, patients must be able to get, check and use their online medical records. This report explains national survey data on individuals’ access to and use of their online medical records.

Consumer Access and Use of Online Health Records: It Takes Two to Tango

What do patients do when given access to their electronic health information, and do they consider it valuable to them in making health care decisions? This blog explains.

Disparities in Individuals’ Access and Use of Health Information Technology

Patient access to health information on the whole is increasing, but disparities remain. This data brief examines health access disparities in the United States using 2014 data.

Making Patient Access to Their Health Information a Reality

Four in ten patients say they have never accessed their own health information. Why? This blog post explores the barriers for patients attempting to get, check and use their electronic health records and the benefits for patients of having access to their information.

Understanding the Patient Experience to Improve Patient Access to Medical Records

Understanding the patient experience is key to improving access to health records. Learn how members of a health care team can work together to create a better experience for patients and their caregivers.