Patient Access to Health Records

Patient access to health recordsPatients have a right under the federal law known as HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) to access their health records. Health care providers and health information technology (health IT) developers and vendors all play roles in ensuring that patients have secure, convenient access to their health information. Find out more information about patients’ rights to access their health records, how providers can use electronic health records (EHRs) to connect with patients, how developers can help patients get their records easily, and other information regarding patient access to EHRs and their health outcomes. Choose your path below.


Get it, Check it, Use it! Easy access to your health records puts you in control of decisions regarding your health and well-being. Understand your rights and learn how to get, check, and use your health records.




EHRs can help you connect with your patients and improve health outcomes. Learn how you can make these powerful tools work for you and choose patient access training and technical resources for your practice or clinic.


providers & health plans

Developers & EHR Vendors

These developer resources will keep you up-to-date on policies and guidelines to help you ensure that patients can easily access their information through your health information technology products. Learn about managing APIs, standards for interoperability, and more.


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Research & Data

Learn about the patient experience, including how patients access and use electronic health information, what barriers keep people from accessing their health records, and what health information people find most valuable.


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