Community Health Peer Learning Program (CHP)

In February 2015, ONC released the Community Health Peer Learning Program (CHP)  Funding Opportunity Announcement CLP-CL-15-001. CHP builds upon the success of the 17 Beacon Communities, with a particular focus in supporting population health improvements at the community level.

In July 2015, ONC awarded AcademyHealthWeb Site Disclaimers $2.76 million to serve as the National Program Office for CHP. Throughout this two-year program, AcademyHealth will work in partnership with ONC to establish a national peer learning collaborative for 15 competitively-awarded communities to address specified population health management challenges through increased sharing and use of electronic data.

CHP Communities

In January 2016, AcademyHealth announced the 15 communities – ten Participant and five Subject Matter Expert (SME) – selected to participate in the program. Through CHP, communities will work with AcademyHealth to identify data solutions, accelerate local progress, disseminate best practices, help inform national strategy around population health challenges, and align with other delivery system reform efforts driving toward better care, smarter spending, and healthier people.

Learn more about the CHP Communities:


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Learning Guides

Collecting Quality Data for Peformance Management [PDF - 333 KB]

The Story of San Diego’s Community Health Information Exchange: Data Sharing, Care Coordination and Population Health; Recommendations to Make Your Journey Easier [PDF – 1.1MB]


A Learning Guide to Social Impact Assessment for Community Health [PDF – 952KB]

Getting to the Heart of It:  The Power of True Engagement for Population Health [PDF- 4.4MB]

Strategic and Sustainability Planning  For Population Health Collaborative [PDF- 603KB]


Sustainability [PDF - 2.2 MB]

Training and Workflows for End Users [PDF - 2.7 MB]

Data Visualization [PDF - 2.5 MB]

Social Determinants of Health [PDF - 2.9 MB]

Master Person Index [PDF - 4 MB]

Participant Communities

All Chicago Making Homelessness History [PDF - 1.1 MB]

Children's Comprehensive Care Clinic [PDF - 626 KB]

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center [PDF - 169 KB]

Dignity Health Foundation [PDF - 159 KB]

Louisiana Public Health Institute [PDF - 734 KB]

North Coast Health Information Network [PDF - 568 KB]

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital [PDF - 262 KB]

Vanderbilt University Department of Health Policy [PDF - 167 KB]

Vermont Child Health Improvement Program [PDF - 718 KB]

SME Comunities

California Family Health Council [PDF - 333 KB]

Greater Detroit Area Health Council [PDF - 656 KB]

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation [pdf - 861 KB]

San Diego Health Connect [PDF - 219 KB]

The University of Chicago Medicine [PDF - 775 KB]