Nell Lapres


Public Health Data Systems Task Force 2021, Member

Interface Engineer

Nell Lapres is an interface engineer at Epic. Nell leads the COVID-19 vaccination interface response task force at Epic, coordinating customer implementation for public health reporting requirements. Additionally, she has represented Epic in discussions like the Modernizing Public Health Data Exchange: Immunizations Registries convening hosted by The PEW Charitable Trust to develop recommendations for public health regulations and funding. Nell represented Epic as a co-chair of the HL7 Public Health and Emergency Response workgroup for 2 years and participated in the workgroup for 3 years. Nell brought an EHR perspective to the public health realm, creating standards that will allow providers to report to public health quickly and accurately. As a member of the Epic interface team, Nell has experience both developing and implementing interfaces with organizations across the country. She will be able to use this real-world knowledge of how EHRs and hospitals are implementing standards-based interfaces with public health to provide feedback on policy, technical, and infrastructure challenges that guidance from the ONC Public Health Data Systems Task Force could address.

Content last reviewed on April 27, 2021
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