Workflow Redesign

Adopting an electronic health record (EHR) will change the flow of patients through your organization. Workflow redesign is the process of:

  • Mapping out current workflows and analyzing how your organization gets work done (the current state)
  • Planning for the future by mapping out how EHRs will create new workflow patterns to improve your organization’s efficiency and health care quality (the future state)

During the workflow redesign process, you should look at all aspects of your organization from an electronic point-of-view.

Workflow Redesign: A Critical Step

Workflow redesign can help your organization:

  • Maximize efficiencies
  • Enhance health care quality and safety
  • Remove chaos from your current workflow
  • Improve care coordination

Simply put, workflow redesign is important because it helps you get the most value from EHR implementation

For More Information

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