Portrait of Steven Posnack

Fact or Fiction with EHR Certification Regulatory Interpretations

Steven Posnack | June 10, 2011

If enough people believe something, it has to be true, right? In my travels, I’ve found that regulatory interpretations range from being largely factual to wildly fictitious. The latter often results from misinterpretations of regulatory language, improper combinations of regulatory language from different rules, or accurate interpretations getting lost in translation as they are passed from person-to-person. These inaccurate interpretations, intentional or not, often unsurprisingly lead to confusion. Accordingly, I thought it would be helpful to clear up a few things I’ve heard related to certification.  

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Portrait of Mat Kendall ,

South Carolina REC: Fostering EHR Implementation across the State

Mat Kendall | June 2, 2011

More than 1,000 providers in South Carolina are now on the road to meaningful use, thanks to the efforts of the Center for Information Technology Implementation Assistance (CITIA-SC), the Regional Extension Center (REC) for the state. CITIA-SC, a program of Health Sciences South Carolina, is the second REC in the country to meet its initial recruitment goal. 

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Portrait of Catherine J. Bruno ,

Bangor Beacon Community: Establishing Best Practices in Health Care

Catherine J. Bruno | May 24, 2011

Governance – it’s been the Achilles heel of more than one multi-stakeholder health information organization. As a collaborative partnership including hospitals, a primary care association, and other health care provider organizations, the Bangor Beacon Community realized early on that our success depended in large part on a solid governance strategy that linked the goals of the Beacon Community Program and the broader stakeholder community.

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