The ONC Resource Repository and the top 10 downloads from

Mat Kendall | January 22, 2014

Healthcare providers are a diverse group. Solutions that work for a critical access hospital will probably not work for a small practice, and that’s ok. What is important is that the various solutions to help you implement health IT will work in your practice setting. At ONC we want to help every provider use and optimize health IT to fundamentally transform care delivery in the US and improve the health of their patients. We’re working with stakeholders to make this happen by developing and testing tools to help all providers safely use health IT.

Last year there were more than 77,053 downloads from the providers section on – the Top 10 documents are listed below. To get the right tools into the hands of the right people, we have created a Resource Repository that allows users to quickly find the relevant data set or document and then implement it in their practice, hospital or clinic.

ONC’s National Learning Consortium (NLC) created many of these resources. This consortium packages and disseminates resources tested by Regional Extension Centers, State Health Informational Exchanges, and Beacon Communities. ONC grantees and other stakeholders developed other valuable tools available on the new resource pages as well. These resources can enable and accelerate Health IT implementation, and include: lessons learned, best practices, trainings and outreach materials.

The repository – created with the help of our HIT Fellows and other strategic partners – helps users find the tools they need quickly and categorizes by several topic areas including:

  • General Health IT Topics
  • Practice Setting/Type
  • Meaningful Use Criteria
  • EHR Implementation Steps
  • Role in Practice

These tools are designed specifically to support health care providers and health IT professionals as they move toward Meaningful Use Stage 1 or Stage 2 with a goal to transform health-care delivery by encouraging coordinated care, patient engagement and other requirements. Primary care providers who quarterback treatment with a care team that includes specialists can treat a patient that has a broad spectrum of acute problems together, keeping the person at the center of the care.

Please give us feedback about the repository and what is working in your practice! Each document has a five-star rating system where you can weigh in, good or bad. Below you will find the ten most downloaded documents from the provider section of in 2013.

  1. Privacy and Security Guide
  2. Creating a Leadership Team for Successful EHR Implementation
  3. NLC Contracting Guidelines and Checklist for EHR Vendor Selection
  4. Workflow Process Mapping for Electronic Health Record (EHR)
  5. Workflow Redesign Templates
  6. Information Security Policy Template
  7. Goals and Objectives for Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation
  8. Chart Migration and Scanning Checklist
  9. Vendor Pricing Template
  10. Change Management in EHR Implementation