Certified Health IT Product List Enhancements for Fall 2013

Carol Bean | November 6, 2013

ONC’s Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) is the place where one can find the complete list of the health IT products that have been certified by ONC’s authorized certification bodies and accredited testing labs (ACBs and ATLs).

During of the recent government shutdown, we were not able to process or post new products on the site.  This meant that access to site, product lookup, CMS EHR Cert ID generation, and other automated functions continued to work, but only for products that had certified and posted before September 27th. The CHPL is now up to date and will continue to be updated every Friday.  Links to test result summaries for certified EHR products are now being posted on the CHPL for newly-certified products.  Products certified and posted on the CHPL before October are currently having their test results summaries backloaded, and will all be available by November 22nd.

  1. Reiterating a big policy change that was made in the 2014 Edition final rule; and
  2. Providing some data and insights into comparisons between 2014 Edition and 2011 Edition certification numbers.

We’re pleased to announce other important enhancements, including search and display capabilities for updated Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) and test result summary reports for products tested and Certified under the 2014 Edition Test Method.

CQM search and display

The updates relating to CQM functionality enable one to search the CHPL by a specific Clinical Quality Measure and find those products that have successfully met the measure, along with the specific version of the CQMs that have been met. Previously the CHPL only detailed which CQMs were met on the individual product detail pages.

CQMs are updated more frequently than the rulemaking cycle for the EHR Incentive Program, and the versions of CQMs that can be certified may expand over time. More information about CQM versioning and the CMS EHR Incentive Programs can be found here. The updated CQMs that were published in Spring and Summer 2013 were integrated into the CHPL during this series of updates.

Test Result Summary reports

For the first time, you can view the test results for certified health IT products. These test result summary reports include the details about the testing and certification of a product that was the basis for the certification decision. (see a sample test result summary report here).

By viewing a summary report, you can see:

  • which specific certification criteria were tested
  • what versions of test data and testing tools were used
  • whether any additional software is required
  • specific standards which were referenced
  • optional functionality that might have been tested
  • appendices which may include attestation forms, if they are applicable

ONC worked closely with the ATLs and ACBs (and their accreditors) to develop a display format that meets the needs of the testing and certification organizations, ONC, and the public.

Only some CHPL products include the Test Result Summary because the first group of submissions was reviewed and published on the CHPL after the partial government shutdown.

By the end of November, all 2014 certified products will have links to the test result summary.

Steps to find the test summary reports

  1. You can find links to a Test Result Summary for a particular product by clicking on “2014 Edition” on the CHPL.
  2. Once you are on the 2014 Edition, you can search for the product in any of the search options. (Browse all products; search by name; CHPL product number, product classification or vendor; search by criteria or CQM)
  3. When asked to add products to your cart, click on the product name – located in the product column – and you will be directed to that specific product’s detail page. On that page is a link to the summary report or a statement that the report is not available.
  4. Once the Test Result Summary link is clicked, a PDF document will be available for viewing online or downloading.

We are interested in hearing from you about the enhancements and if you find the new information helpful or if you wish to provide any additional input for our consideration.