Health Innovation

Portrait of Dr. Charles Friedman

Health IT Challenges and the Future of Healthcare

Dr. Charles Friedman | April 2, 2010

Getting health IT “right” is difficult. Thousands of brilliant, creative and industrious people around the world have been working for several decades to realize the vision of making the technology a companion to care providers and patients, helping them make better decisions in support of better health.

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Portrait of Dr. David Blumenthal

Health IT Innovation is the Key to Care

Dr. David Blumenthal | December 18, 2009

As Americans, we realize the importance of relentless innovation.  A key component of securing a healthy future for all Americans relies on harnessing innovation in health IT.
The new Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects (SHARP) Program announced today and funded at a level of $60 million through the HITECH Act, is designed with this purpose in mind. This program will fund projects in areas of research where breakthrough advances are needed to address barriers in health IT adoption.  

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