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Proof of Concept Testing through Innovation Exchanges for Health IT

Wil Yu | September 2, 2011

Quick Note: This is one of many blog posts that I will be writing in September that highlights how innovation leadership within the health IT and health care communities is changing the health IT landscape. I’ll cover efforts being championed within the White House, ONC/HHS, and the broader environment, that are helping to usher in a wave of new technologies and services that will lead to better health care, health, and cost savings through continuous quality improvement.

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New Mobile App Will Use Texting for Diabetes Management

| June 24, 2011

Health care improvement often refers to the process of making changes to the way health care is delivered by providers.  But actions to improve and reform the health care delivery system can only go so far. As Dr. Don Berwick, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services often reminds us, the delivery system doesn’t have much control over the biggest factors that influence a person’s overall health. For example, a doctor doesn’t decide what each of their patients eats,

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Positive Steps Forward for Nationwide Interoperability

Dr. Doug Fridsma | April 13, 2011

Last week, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) celebrated another milestone in the journey toward nationwide interoperable health information exchange. Last Wednesday’s announcement from the Care Connectivity Consortium represents an important step that some of our nation’s largest health care providers are taking in supporting optimal patient care through health information technology.

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A SHARP Milestone – A New Innovation Challenge

Wil Yu | March 8, 2011

Today one of the recipients of the ONC’s Strategic Health IT Advanced Research Projects (SHARP) announced a major milestone .  Researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School, leaders of the Healthcare Applications and Networking Platforms SHARP award, announced a major breakthrough having developed a first of  kind platform architecture to support a flexible health information technology (IT) environment and promote innovation. 

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