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Winners of Patient Health Record Graphic Design Contest Announced

Ryan Panchadsaram | January 17, 2013

Three months ago we challenged graphic designers to help us reimagine what the patient health record could look like. We hoped that by making a patient health record more usable, the record could help prevent medical errors, empower patients to make better health decisions, and even save lives. We received a record number of submissions from graphic designers (more than 230). Our reviewers and curators were inspired by how the entrants were able to use design to make the record more human-centered and easy to use.

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Can Graphic Designers Shape the Future of Health Care?

Ryan Panchadsaram | October 24, 2012

Today, when you print a medical record, it looks like a cash register receipt. The information is all there, but it is not especially patient-friendly. And if you have a complex health condition, the record can quickly become unwieldy. It’s better than carrying around paper records, for sure, but as patients and consumers, we really need a better user experience—all in an effort to help patients and their family members better manage their health care.

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