Will electronic health records help me recruit new physicians to join my organization?

Momentum is Building

The electronic health record (EHR) movement continues to build momentum. In a national survey of physicians, over half indicated they had adopted an EHR system.1 90% of medical students indicated they consider it important or very important to have an EHR where they choose to practice.2

Health IT is where the medical profession is going. The next generation of health care professionals will expect and demand to care for patients at medical facilities that meaningfully use EHRs. EHR adoption will enable your organization to recruit and retain talented young clinicians and staff members while remaining at the forefront of the changing health care landscape.

Spotlight: Rural Health IT Workforce

Successfully attracting and retaining physicians is critical to building a sustainable medical practice, but the process is often challenging in rural communities. EHR adoption will position your organization at the forefront of the health IT workforce and the changing health care landscape. Adopting an EHR and achieving meaningful use may be one of the best ways to recruit and retain talented young physicians in rural communities.


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Content last reviewed on June 24, 2019
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