Building the EHR Implementation Team

Your electronic health record (EHR) implementation team, also known as the steering committee, can make or break the implementation process. Members of your EHR implementation team should possess:

  • Differing perspectives on how the EHR will be used
  • A wide array of skills and knowledge
  • An ability and willingness to devote sufficient time to the EHR implementation process
  • A consistently positive point of view toward the EHR implementation process

EHR Implementation Team

You should include the following EHR implementation team members on your EHR implementation team.

    • EHR Team Lead
    • EHR Implementation Manager
    • Physician Champion
    • Nurse Lead
    • Medical Assistant Lead
    • Scheduler Lead
    • Registration Staff Lead
    • Laboratory Staff Lead
    • Information Technology Lead
    • Billing Staff Lead
    • EHR Builder
    • Meaningful Use Lead
    • Workflow Redesign Lead
    • Super-User/Training Lead

EHR Implementation Team Tools

Depending on the size and type of your organization, your organization may assign employees to more than one role. You can use the Creating a Leadership Team for Successful EHR Implementation template to learn more about the different EHR implementation team roles and as a template to document important planning decisions.

For More Information

For more information on building an EHR implementation team, see the following resources.