When should I create the electronic health record implementation team?

Creating Your EHR Implementation Team

Successfully creating and managing an electronic health record implementation (EHR) implementation team before you plan your approach team is crucial to EHR implementation success. You should create your EHR implementation team as you set goals, create a unified vision of EHR implementation, and assess your practice readiness.

Team members should bring differing perspectives on how your EHR system will be used and provide a wide array of skills and knowledge. Without an enthusiastic, representative team, your organization is unlikely to adequately address EHR implementation challenges as you plan your approach.

Your Local Regional Extension Center Can Help

Your local Regional Extension Center (REC) can help you as you assess your practice readiness and build your EHR implementation team. RECs are located in every region of the country to help health care providers select, implement, and become adept and meaningful users of EHRs. Contact your local REC to find out if you are eligible for free or reduced-price support.

For More Information

For more information about assessing your practice readiness and building your EHR implementation team, see the following resources.

Content last reviewed on May 2, 2019
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