ONC/American Hospital Association (AHA), AHA Annual Survey Information Technology Supplement.


Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. 'Percent of U.S. Hospitals that Routinely Electronically Notify Patient's Primary Care Provider upon Emergency Room Entry,' Health IT Quick-Stat #26. May 2016.

Three in five non-federal acute care hospitals routinely electronically notify a patient's primary care provider upon his entry to the hospital's emergency department - an over 50 percent increase since 2012. Fifty-seven percent of all hospitals routinely electronically notify primary care providers inside the hospital's system; whereas, 30 percent of all hospitals routinely electronically notify physicians outside the hospital's system.

For more information on Hospital Health Information Exchange & Interoperability, please read ONC Data Brief #36Interoperability among U.S. Non-federal Acute Care Hospitals, 2015.

Routine Electronic Notification Percent of Hospitals with Capability
2012 2013 2014 2015
Routinely Notifies 39% 48% 56% 59%
Routinely Notifies Inside and Outside System 16% 21% 27% 29%
Routinely Notifies Only Inside System 21% 24% 27% 28%
Routinely Notifies Only Outside System 2% 3% 2% 2%
  1. Data reflect the responses of 55% of all non-federal acute care hospitals.
  2. Data calculated from answers to survey questions: "When a patient visits your Emergency Department, do you routinely provide electronic notification to the patient's primary care physician?" [Yes/No] and "If yes, are electronic notifications provided to primary care physicians listed below?" [Inside of Your System/Outside of Your System]
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