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Portrait of Leon Rodriguez

Privacy, Security, and Electronic Health Records

Leon Rodriguez | December 12, 2011

Health care is changing and so are the tools used to coordinate better care for patients like you and me. During your most recent visit to the doctor, you may have noticed your physician entering notes on a computer or laptop into an electronic health record (EHR). With EHRs comes the opportunity for patients to receive improved coordinated care from providers and easier access to their health information. It’s a way to make it easier for everyone to be better informed and more involved in the patient’s health care.

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Portrait of Joy Pritts

Health IT Privacy and Security

Joy Pritts | July 8, 2010

Privacy and security are the bedrock of building trust in health information exchange. The proposed modifications to the HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules, announced today, are a significant step forward in HHS’s efforts to protect patient privacy rights while encouraging the adoption of electronic health information exchange.  The next phase of this process is just as important—obtaining public feedback and suggestions concerning the proposed rules.   The comment period will begin once the rule is published in the Federal Register on July 14. 

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Portrait of Dr. David Blumenthal

Electronic Health Records (EHR)s Now Permitted By CLIA

Dr. David Blumenthal | March 3, 2010

On March 1, 2010, CMS, in collaboration with ONC, released guidance clarifying that the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) permit labs to electronically exchange lab data and addressing some confusion regarding laboratory data and health IT.  This guidance was put forth in a Survey and Certification letter, including interpretive guidance and frequently asked questions.

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