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Portrait of Jodi G. Daniel, J.D., M.P.H.

Promoting Competition to Achieve Our Health IT and Health Care Goals

Jodi G. Daniel, J.D., M.P.H. | October 7, 2014

ONC has long recognized the need to foster innovation and competition to achieve the nation’s health IT and health care goals. The HITECH Act charged us with enabling the electronic use and exchange of health information—information that will support consumers and facilitate better quality and more efficient care.

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Portrait of Rachel Abbey

Virginia Department of Health and ConnectVirginia Build a Pathway to Meet Public Health Measures

Rachel Abbey | September 16, 2014

In late 2013, three key health IT issues came to light in the Commonwealth of Virginia resulting in a synergistic partnership between public and private health care entities that now uses ConnectVirginia, Virginia’s Statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE), for public health reporting. 

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Portrait of Leila Samy

Critical Access Hospitals Report Challenges, Yet Forge Ahead with Advanced Health IT Capabilities

Leila Samy | July 8, 2014

Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs), some with a census of fewer than 10 patients, are the smallest of the small rural hospitals. In some regions, such as frontier areas, a CAH may be the only local health care provider serving an area the width of the state of Rhode Island! CAHs are small, geographically isolated and have limited resources.

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Portrait of Caroline Coy, MPH

PHR Ignite Demonstrates Exchange of Consumer Health Information

Caroline Coy, MPH | May 15, 2014

For Shannon Parker, a mom in Salem, Oregon, having access to a Personal Health Record (PHR) updated with her son’s latest health information allows her to put her son at the center of his care – no matter where he’s being treated. This means giving her an electronic tool she can use to coordinate her son’s care for brittle bone disease so she can work with her local pediatrician and a specialist all the way in Omaha,

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