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New Mobile App Will Use Texting for Diabetes Management

| June 24, 2011

Health care improvement often refers to the process of making changes to the way health care is delivered by providers.  But actions to improve and reform the health care delivery system can only go so far. As Dr. Don Berwick, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services often reminds us, the delivery system doesn’t have much control over the biggest factors that influence a person’s overall health. For example, a doctor doesn’t decide what each of their patients eats,

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Bangor Beacon Community: Establishing Best Practices in Health Care

Catherine J. Bruno | May 24, 2011

Governance – it’s been the Achilles heel of more than one multi-stakeholder health information organization. As a collaborative partnership including hospitals, a primary care association, and other health care provider organizations, the Bangor Beacon Community realized early on that our success depended in large part on a solid governance strategy that linked the goals of the Beacon Community Program and the broader stakeholder community.

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IC3, Improving Care through Connectivity and Collaboration

Aaron McKethan | April 4, 2011

Interview with Christie North, Vice President, HealthInsight
1. What does the IC3 Utah Beacon Community hope to accomplish?
Our ultimate hope is to improve the health of our community so that patients with diabetes do not progress to the next stage of illness prematurely and so that they may experience a greater quality of life. If we are successful,10 years from now, no patient will be admitted to a hospital or go to the emergency department in diabetic trouble that could have been prevented.

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An Innovative, Community-based Approach to Smoking Cessation

Jason Kunzman | March 10, 2011

One of the criteria set forth in Stage One Meaningful Use guidelines pertains to capturing information at the point of care about patients’ smoking status, and as relevant, offering counseling to help patients quit smoking. While attending the Rhode Island Statewide Patient Centered Medical Home Learning Collaborative on February 5, we learned about the kinds of innovations that this aspect of meaningful use may inspire and make more widespread in the future.

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Electronic Health Record Adoption: Is There Optimism for Primary Care?

Gregory C. Reicks | March 3, 2011

I recently celebrated 21 years as an independent family practitioner in Grand Junction, CO. Frustrated and exhausted from trying to maintain my income and practice in the face of ever-increasing overhead expenses, I was not expecting to celebrate many more years at my job. That was until we began our journey with health information technology (health IT).

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