ONC launches new challenge to create online notice of privacy practices

Joy Pritts | February 10, 2014

Thanks to the HIPAA Privacy Rule patients have the right to be informed of their rights with respect to their protected health information as well as how their health care providers and health plans may use and disclose such information.  Health plans and health care providers are required to develop and distribute a written notice that provides a clear, user-friendly explanation of these rights and practices. These are known as Notices of Privacy Practices (NPP) and may be on paper or online. But how many of us have found many of them to be difficult to read and understand External Links Disclaimer ?

Digital Privacy Notice Challenge

ONC recently collaborated with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) to develop model notices of privacy practices that clearly convey the required information to patients in an accessible format on paper. Given the substantive difference between consuming content on paper versus online, the next step is to create a user-friendly digital notice of privacy practices. In order to achieve this, ONC, in collaboration with OCR launched the Digital Privacy Notice Challenge External Links Disclaimer.

So we are launching a new challenge – a call for designers, developers, and patient privacy experts to create and submit an online notice of privacy practices that is compelling, readable, and understandable by patients and easily integrated into Web sites.

Using the model paper notices as a baseline for content and format, health IT developers must think outside-the-box in creating an online version that helps break down barriers for patients taking greater control of their health care. The notice generator will live on GitHub and be available open-source so that any organization can implement it on its Web site.

The submission period is now open and ends on April 7, 2014. A review panel will determine the winning entries in May, with the first place winner receiving a $15,000 award. Winning entries must demonstrate:

  • Accurate use of content from paper NPP
  • Use of best practices in presenting Web content for public consumption
  • Visual appeal
  • Capacity for entity to customize content and link to other relevant content

Visit the Digital Privacy Notice site External Links Disclaimer for the full details of the challenge and sign up to receive updates!

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